DFWCon 2019 retrospective

This year’s DFW Writers’ Conference was so awesome I couldn’t handle the whole thing. I skipped the Saturday reception and left after lunch on Sunday because I was tired.

PRO TIP: Don’t sell your house a month before the conference and buy a new one the day before if you can avoid it.

I taught a class and was in three So Here’s My Problem workshops. That was cool, but I was a little baffled that people would sign up and not come to the workshop. You’ve got the total attention of four smart literary professionals (or three and me, and at least I mean well). You signed up for it. You paid hundreds of dollars for the privilege. (Well, okay, really you paid so you could watch the Gong Show. We all understand). So GO TO THE WORKSHOP!

But seriously, I loved it. After the first one, someone (I think it was Liara Tamani, but my brain is mush right now, so I could be wrong) said “I think I learned more than I taught.” I totally agree.

My Journey to the Center of the Kids’ Section class was really well received. I’ve taught it twice now, and I think maybe I’ll actually do powerpoint slides and stuff to make it a bit more polished in the future. And only partly because if I did that, I could take pictures of the books in various categories and not have to lug a 25 lb. backpack full of children’s books to the conference with me on class day.

I sold some books and made some friends (including Chuck Wendig, who is officially my best friend now)
(Not really. But he is a cool dude).

Awesome things happened for some of my friends, like Dannie Olguin Morris coming in second in Write Club and snagging a full manuscript request on her pitch. That’s a big deal. A full means the agent is interested enough to want to read the whole thing rather than just try a few sample chapters first.

So anyway, good conference. Even when the vending machine ran out of Coke Zero. See all you crazy kids next year.