Almost there... Almost there...

Hi everybody!

I think things are just about ready with the web page, and now I'm on the road to making up some content.  I'm going to try to push this post to my twitter and facebook feeds, because I always thought people who could do that were awesome.

So I suppose it'd be nice to say something substantive.  



Sorry.  I got nothin'.  It's been kind of a bummer week around here.

Just Doing Some Redecorating

Hello, legions of fans.  You might have noticed that things have changed around here.  I'm still fiddling with Squarespace's templates and settings and whatnot.  I think I've settled on the one that will make the site most like what I want.

Still to come is a more robust sidebar, and probably a few new pages.

And then I'm thinking about regular content.  I don't have the soul of a blogger, but I can probably manage some kind of semi-regular updates of content that's more interesting than a recap of my day.

We shall see.

Welcome Back

Greetings and salutations.  After a long absence, is back on the air.  (Well, on the world wide web.  I suppose if you're using wi-fi it's on the air.)

Things probably look a little different.  Actually completely different.  That's because they are.

If you're one of my old fans, you knew this page as The Astounding Mr. Goodner's Amazing Electric Widgets.

Now this is The Astounding Mister Goodner's Amazing Electric Imaginarium, home of the author David Goodner.  See, back when I was just gamer and occasional podcaster David Goodner, I could have a plain old blog where I posted whatever came to my mind with no real rhyme or reason.  I mostly posted about roleplaying games and bad movies.

Then the old blog, managed by the inestimable Tim Rayburn, crashed.  And since I wasn't updating it anyway I let it stay dead.

But now I'm this (not really) big author who's supposed to have a platform.  Whatever that is.

(I actually know what that is.  It's a way of reaching people so that when I become a PUBLISHED author, some of them know who I am and maybe want to buy my book.  My mom loves me, but she's not going to be able to buy enough copies to make back my advance)

And so: The Astounding Mister Goodner's Amazing Electric Imaginarium.

It's managed by me now, so if it crashes I'm in a position to yell at people until it gets fixed, and it's not really just a random blog anymore.  It's sort of an advertisement for me.

(One lesson you can take from this is that a person can become a published author and still write sentence fragments deliberately.)

We're just getting started here.  I'm going to try to recover as much of my old gaming content as I can.  Some of it was a few hard drives ago, but I think I still have most of it.  As I have time, I'll clean it up and maybe try to give it a nicer format and a little less random organization.  I'm still a gamer and I still like making new game stuff.

I'm probably not going to use the site as a blog as much, but I might change my mind.  Lately, I've been more inclined to use Facebook for that kind of thing.  I'll probably have to loosen my security a little bit so that more than my immediate friends can read my posts, though.