If I Only Had The Time (and money. Mostly money)

This writing gig seems more viable than it has ever been.  That's totally wild.  But there are so many other creative things I'd like to do.  They just all cost money and take a lot of time.  Here's a small sampling.


I'm not a huge Whovian, but I like me some Doctor, and I like fandom-related objects that are also practical.  For instance, I wear a Green Lantern ring.  I probably wouldn't wear a T-shirt with Green Lantern on it.  I might wear a green T-shirt with the GL log on it, though.  I'd totally hang a replica of Cap's shield on my wall, but I probably wouldn't hang up a Captain America poster.

Which brings us to the shed.  The Tardis is a real thing representing Doctor Who.  And I could make it practical.  I have a notebook full of sketches of a TARDIS garden shed.  It's not screen accurate, but anybody looking at it would say "Hey David, that's a TARDIS."

It'd cost somewhere around $500 in materials and require a bunch of tools I don't have.  And I don't know how to keep it from falling over.

ALL the Hirst Arts Molds

I love gaming terrain.  I don't do the right kind of gaming to use it.  Nevertheless, I kind of want to make a huge mass of modular dungeon terrain.  Then I'd want a huge mass of town terrain, and cave terrain, and SF terrain, and city street terrain, and...

Each mold costs around $30.  I have a list somewhere of the essential few that would let me make a bunch of what I'd actually use in gaming.  There are ten molds on it.  Then you need a vibrating table, materials, paints, and if you want to cast very quickly you need a dehydrator.


I used to podcast.  I don't know if Radio Free Hommlett is still available on iTunes, but if it is, or if you used to be a fan and were really wondering, yeah-- that's me. 

I want to do another podcast.  I have this great idea called "Geek Out with David Goodner."  I'd get people who are famous (or at least internet-famous) for something, and talk to them about something else.  Like I know a few game designers who are also huge SCA geeks or musicians or whatever.  I know lots of writers.

Podcasting isn't really all that expensive.  You can do a crappy podcast with your iPhone.  Youcould do a pretty good one for around $200.  What kills Podcasting for me is time.  For every minute of sound you hear on a well-done podcast, someone has spent three to five minutes working on it (at least).  Doing a weekely podcast of about a half-hour a week would kill one, maybe two nights a week. 

I only get four nights a week to myself for writing and stuff.  I just can't justify the time.  But if there's some crazy person who wants to do all the production stuff, I'd be happy to do all the fun, easy parts.