Quick Book Reviews

My day job is cataloging for the Arlington Public Library. When I can, I grab the children's books from the queue. Since I read really fast, I can read a few of them, at least enough to get a sense of what they're about and how good the writing is.

Here's today's lot

Better You Than Me, by Jessica Brody

I was all ready to be smugly dismissive of yet another version of The Prince and the Pauper, but this one was really sweet and had some serious heart.

It Wasn't Me, by Dana Alison Levy

Basically THE BREAKFAST CLUB for today's kids. I freaking loved that movie when Today was over 30 ago and I was one of it's kids. Ms. Levy uses some neat storytelling devices and has serious chops.

Speachless, by Adam P. Schmitt

Made me cry outloud at work. Dang.