Wherein David Buys ALL the Comics

So here's a cool thing: I now have the job of ordering adult and YA graphic novels for my library.  ("Adult" as in "not aimed at children," not as in "porn.") 

(But I can get close since nobody pays too much attention to what I buy...)

On the down-side, I don't get a lot of money.  But still, I got to spend around $3,000 for my February buy.  Even when you cut that in half because I generally buy two copies of everything, that still beats my old comics habit by quite a bit.

(For the curious, somewhere in the neighborhood of $100-120 per month.  Plus another $20 per month on Mage Knight booster packs, back in the golden age.)

I've actually been out of the comics world for quite a while.  Some years ago, I realized I was buying comics and only barely reading them.  They were taking up tons of space and a lot of money, and I wasn't really enjoying them.  In rapid succession, Marvel and DC both kind of went off the rails, and there wasn't much indy stuff I was interested in just then.  I sold off most of my collection to someone who would appreciate it more than I did, and limited myself to the occasional graphic novel. 

Now I feel like I need to be informed about comics again.  I wonder if my accountant could convince the IRS that my comics habit was a business expense...

There's always CBR and Newsarama.  Is there a similar thing for Manga?  What about for non-Japanese Manga?  I want to use my vast (actually miniscule) power to make the library's collection as good as it can be.  Probably 85-90% of what I order needs to be whatever's most popular, but I have some wiggle room for amazing stuff people don't know they want yet.

Time to call up David Doub and some of my other comic nerd friends.

(And by "call," I mean "email.")

(And by "email," I probably mean "think about emailing but never get around to it.")