Fastest Idiot Alive

I'm getting my tax documents together, rather than watching The Flash.  But while I take a break, here's some thoughts provoked by last week's episode.

I love the Flash.  The show is a lot of fun.  I want to get that right out in front.  But geeze, Barry Allen is such a moron.  I kinda hoped season 2 would be where we got to see him fight smarter, not faster.  (Well, also faster since one theme of the season is that Flash has to reach his full potential as master of the Speed Force to defeat Zoom.)

It's not just the secret identity thing.  That's dumb enough.  Not telling the POLICE DETECTIVE who works with your ADOPTIVE FATHER on the METAHUMAN TASK FORCE, and whom YOU ARE SLEEPING WITH that you are the Flash is just dumb.  It was dumb not telling Iris, and it's even more dumb not telling Patty.

That's just bad writing, though.  I can see the dramatic necessity of not telling her, but she needed to be set up differently: as a tough-as-nails cop who hates all metahumans, Flash included, and is put on the metahuman task force-- but who really likes Barry and wants to be with him.  Then Barry actually can't tell her because she might destroy his life.  Instead, he just spent months treating her like an idiot.

But like I said, that's not the really stupid thing.

The stupid thing is when you decided to fight the guy who could make you stop running the moment he sees you by running straight toward him faster.

You're the freaking FLASH.  You can move faster than the speed of sound.  You could sneak up behind someone and hit them literally faster than humans can react, and the Turtle's power doesn't work unless he actively turns it on.

Some of this is on Jay, of course.  He's an experienced speedster who could tell Barry stuff like "you're not invulnerable.  Sneak up on people.  Hit them when they're not looking.  It hurts a lot less that way.  And maybe carry a weapon.  My hat really hurts when I Frisbee-toss it at someone at Mach 3."

Seriously, writer guys, there's like a zillion really cool genre shows on right now.  I literally don't have enough time to watch them all.  For the first time in my life, I'm having to choose which awesome superhero show to watch, and you guys need to step up, or else it might be Shadowhunters.

Shadowhunters.  Do you want to lose to Shadowhunters?