@DFWCON or Bust

There are two days to go until the DFW Writers' Conference.  This is my first gig as a semi-professional writer-type person.  I'll be facilitating some read and critique sessions and monitoring an unknown number of panels.  (I hope just one or two, but the Conference Committee totally let me out of one of the sessions I was supposed to facilitate so I could go to Kevin J. Anderson's worldbuilding class, so I'll do pretty much whatever they ask.)

(The Conference Committee people are awesome.  They do a great job every year.  If you haven't thanked them yet, put that on your to-do list.  Put a little star by it.)

One of the critique sessions is for Synopses, and I also want to give a shout-out to Stephen Barr, my awesome agent, who took out time to give me some great advice I can share with my crit victims.

If you've been thinking about joining the DFW Writers' Workshop and wonder what we do, the Read and Critique sessions will be a great way to try us out.  (Just showing up at a meeting is ALSO a great way to try us out, but this way you get to participate.)  Our regular meetings are primarily devoted to reading and critique, with around 20-30 readers per night spread out in 4-5 rooms.  The sessions at the Conference are shorter than our regular meetings, but they'll be a nice sample.

I hope to see you (the generic "you") at the Conference.  It's a great place to make friends, and I always learn something new.  Usually several things.  One thing I learned is that it's fun to ask YA and SF editors and agents what they think of the Harry Potter franchise.  Some of the other things were more directly useful to my writing career, but nowhere near as entertaining.