The Sporadic Update

Hi, poor, neglected website.  I see it's been months since I've posted anything.  That's mostly because my life is really boring.  But here's an update:

The final-ish manuscript for Ginny Goblin Cannot Have a Monster for a Pet has been accepted by my editor at HMH.  I say final-ish because we can actually still make changes, but Kate's happy and I'm happy and they're going to pay me the final part of the advance.  So, yea!  And the chance we'll get to publish in 2017 is slightly higher (but still pretty low).

I'll be attending the 2016 DFW Writers' Conference as a speaker.  I get a cool red badge, and all I have to do in return is stand in front of a room and talk to strangers.  No, I'm not sure why, either.

But that does bring me to my next point.  The Conference Committee seems to think that just because I've sold two children's books I should be some kind of credible expert on children's writing.  And you know, they have a point.  I really should try to be one.

I fell into children's writing kind of by accident.  (With a lot of help, too.)  But I can't really blunder forward without learning anything forever.  So I'm going to start studying.  And I'll share the more interesting things I learn with all you lovely people.  It is to be hoped that by the time I have to teach a class on the children's publishing world that I will know enough to be worthwhile.

Of course, all my readers will already have read everything I learned...