David Goodner is a writer, a library cataloger, a gamer, and an all-around nerd.  He lives in Arlingotn, Texas with his wife, a few too many books, and way too many D&D miniatures*.  He's a member and periodic board member of the DFW Writers' Workshop.

He went to college at Navarro College and the University of Texas at Arlington before finally having to get a real job.  Then he got a job in a library, which really isn't much like work.

David likes to write (which is good, given his career choice) and to read (also good), and to play roleplaying games.  He enjoys building stuff, and will take you on at Tetris any time, anyhwere (presuming there's a Tetris game handy).

* David protests that there is no such thing as too many books, or too many miniatures